Tuesday, 15 March 2011

What's in a name...

Short one tonight, lots to do yet before I hit the hay, but wanted to keep these going.

So, names.  I have various aliases.  On Mendip Rouleur's blog, I'm Bunny.  I think he called me Battery originally, but when he explained the reasons for that the image of the Duracell bunny came more to mind, so Bunny I became.  Those same reasons explain 'Duratorq' on here - it's a kind of diesel engine, which is what my riding style has been likened to; can't accelerate very quickly, a bit smelly if the wind's in the wrong direction, gets upset if filled up with the wrong fuel (principally bananas).  OR, as I prefer, economical, keeps going all day, nearly as quick up the hills as on the flat.   

Training things - ran a half-marathon last Saturday as I was giving myself Sunday off.  I was really in the mood for it too; got out by 7.30 and the canal towpath was deserted save for a good number of ducks and Canadian geese, one of which hissed menacingly as I went by.  I reciprocated, and I don't know which of us was more surprised in the end.  Anyway, the weather was still, the music was loud, the path was reasonably dry, and I finished the 13 or so miles in 1 hr 50.  The right knee moaned for a bit, but kept bending, which is the main thing.

Have been back on the Time-crunched Cyclist's Training Plan since then.  I'll go into it more another time, but it was put togther by Chris Carmichael, Lance Armstrong's ex-coach, and promises to get you "fit, fast and strong" in 6-8 hours a week.  The relatively light training time means high intensity during those hours however, so my thighs feel like there's a bonfire burning deep within most of the time.

That's it for now.  Have my Monster team mate coming down to train with me Saturday & Sunday, so a word on our mountain bike/hike/run after that.

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