Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Midweek bonus blog

2 reasons for this: post photos from Maggies Monster Bike & Hike.  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.10150554461200184.660750.711285183&l=c6d74716b7

...and the other.  Whilst I did my early morning exercises today I was reflecting on this blog, and the practice of people seeking sponsorship generally.  What struck me is that by and large we seek sponsorship for things we enjoy doing, or that at least are going to provide us with a feeling of personal satisfaction when we've done them.  We don't seek sponsorship for things that are going to be manifestly unpleasant, or provide very much wider benefit, other than the raising of the cash itself.  That's clearly not to be sniffed at, but I think that donors are probably getting to the point now of thinking that there's not much in it for them.

Might things change over the next couple of years so that sponsored events move away from being "nice" things to do, to things that are less intrinsically rewarding or achievement-oriented, but provide benefits that are more widely spread?  A sponsored litter pick?  Graffiti removal?  Community centre / village hall decoration?  Respite care provision? 

I ponder this when I hear about people cycling round the world to raise money, or rowing oceans.  Sure it raises funds, and it gives them another chapter in their life story, but it's not actually that constructive is it?  Or would donors not be captivated by the glamour and romance of events that were much more mundane, but provided what economists like to term 'utility', and so the funds simply wouldn't be raised?  I'd like to see James Cracknell's next adventure not be the Marathon des Sables or the Race Across America, but 2 weeks volunteering at a drug-rehab centre.  I wonder how that would go down with potential backers?

So, this might be the last year I ask for funds for things that ultimately, I like to do.  This isn't a public commitment, but I'm certainly going to have to think about it...

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