Saturday, 4 June 2011

Break in transmission

Sorry about the 2 week gap- combination of broken pc and poss-marathon torpor. And I'm doing this on my iPhone, so it's going to be really short. Well, the marathon was truly tiring. I've been back on the bike this week, but it's still too early to put any power through the legs. After Lance Armstrong did the 2006 New York Marathon he apparently said it was the hardest thing he'd ever done, and whilst I suspect a Tour de France is out of reach for a greater proportion of the population than a marathon (let alone winning it) I kind of know what he means. A marathon just messes with your joints more, and it hurts more at the time. I doubt, however, it changes your physiology forever, which is what a 3 week Grand Tour is said to do.

Talking of which, 4 weeks tonight I'll have my bags packed to go and be Tour groupie for a few days. Can't wait. More of that, and prep for it, next time.

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