Sunday, 21 August 2011

Calm before the storm

Events have conspired against any meaningful riding this weekend. Those events have been the non-return of BH bike (the mythical bottom bracket not having yet appeared, and I must confess I'm getting a tiny bit nervous given I've got to have the thing back by Tuesday lunchtime at the latest), and some sort of virus or something that's left me feeling achy and energy-less.  I'm interpreting this as fate telling me to have a rest before the exertions that are coming.

So, it's a short post this week, in anticipation of two pretty meaty ones over the next couple of weeks.  On Thursday Mendip Rouleur and I fly to Toulouse and then travel on to the Pyrenees for 3, possibly 3.5, days riding up Pyrenean hills.  The temperature at our base in the valley was 36c yesterday, and it's still forecast to be upper 20s next weekend.  Can't wait.  The biggest challenge is picking the right cycling gear, as although it might be warm in the valleys, the weather at the top of the higher cols can be quite, quite different.

We're back on Bank Holiday Monday, so next update on here will be a week Tuesday, just two days before I depart again on our London-Paris jaunt.

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