Sunday, 6 November 2011

Is this the way forward?

To bimble: "to amble without real aim, yet in a friendly and harmless manner. It's not required to achieve nothing, though it is a frequent side effect. Bimbling can be made a little more business like with a slight hunch of the shoulders."

It's a definite option. What's the point of flogging yourself half to death in training and events, merely so you can experience a transient and pointless sense of superiority achievement? Could 2012 be the Year of the Bimble? It has its attractions - less devotion to duty, less anxiety and number watching, more taking the world in as it passes by. Hmmm.

Not a lot else to say this week. Still not been back on two wheels since the Etape Cymru, but I have been on two feet a fair bit, running round Hyde Park during my stays in London, and running round the Cheshire hills in this weekend's glorious weather. The winter/touring bike is in the LBS at the moment though getting its freewheel sorted, so I may have to experiment, and have a bimble on it next weekend.  

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