Monday, 12 March 2012

Speculate to accumulate

Sometimes you have to take a step backwards, sideways, downwards, or spend some money or time buying or doing things you don't really want to, just so that you can move on to a different, and with a bit of luck, better place. So it's been this week, both at work and with the cycling.

I can't go through the whole detail of what's going on at work, as I'd hoped to this week when I wrote last week's post, as negotiations with the boss are ongoing. I don't think any Lloyds colleagues read this blog, but I can't take any chances, so I must remain cryptic and obtuse for a while longer.

The cycling, however, is a different story. I've never really worried about having the latest/best/lightest kit, as I've always been fortunate enough to be fit and light enough for it not to matter too much in the events I'm taking part in. This year is a bit different, partly because my riding steed and its bits are another year older, and partly because I know now that I just won't be getting the volume of riding in that have in times past. So I'm going to need some artificial assistance in the form of better kit.

I can't bring myself to buy a whole new bike, because the money I'd spend on a new frame would buy me pathetically disproportionately small benefits in terms of handling, weight and stiffness, matron. I'm therefore going to upgrade the one I've got. On Tuesday I did what I usually do in times like these, and called a lunchtime conference with my Principal Advisor - Bicycling Conundrums, in London village. We had a lovely hour talking wheels, saddles and stems. I haven't actually taken the plunge and bought anything yet, but the time will come. I might know what I want in terms of components, but now comes the vitally important job of ensuring that they fit from an aesthetic as well as an engineering point of view.

There's been very little riding to speak of this week, not helped by a lovely weekend in Edinburgh. Any day now I am going to have to knuckle down, but I can feel enthusiasm levels building, not least because the first signs of spring springing are becoming evident. And there's nothing like a bit of new kit for firing your enthusiasm, which means spending money; speculating to accumulate a bit of cycling performance indeed.

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