Monday, 2 April 2012

You've got a nerve...

....actually, we've all got quite a few, but the one I'm most concerned about is the sciatic nerve. Mine is damaged. That's called sciatica, and that's what I was diagnosed with a bit earlier today by a very excellent physio. Having wikipedia'd it, the diagnosis makes total sense.

But let's go back a bit. No sooner had I typed the words after last week's runs than the problem of my right leg flared up again. I managed to get out on my MTB on Weds night whilst the weather was still superb, but stuff just got too difficult after that, including walking.

So today I trundled off to the physio for an appointment that was made a couple of weeks or so ago. He questioned, prodded, watched, squeezed and manipulated me for the best part of 45 minutes before coming up with diagnosis, the causes and the remedies. We know the diagnosis now. The causes? Well, one principally, and it's got absolutely nothing to do with exercise or sport. It's poor posture, principally at work, but also driving and dining. It's appalling. It's squeezed my sciatic nerve, damaging it, which has made the right leg lose power and function, and create discomfort.

The cure is sitting properly, engaging muscles rather than spine, and using something called a "D-shaped lumbar roll", which Amazon are about to send me. I'll also take those lessons in "ergonomic workspace solutions" a lot more seriously from now on.

The final question to the physio was, of course, can I still ride my bike? The answer, I'm pleased to say, was a qualified 'yes', with the two qualifications being a) not for more than an hour, and b) not if I feel the symptoms that emerge when I run. I think I'll give it a try later to see what happens.....

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