Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Postscript....TdF route excellence

So the detailed routemap of this year's Tour de France has been published. On the second Saturday (11th July) it's in Brittany, and it's a dream route:

- Mr. Prudhomme obviously got my letter - I've been telling him for years they ought to climb the Col du Mont de Bel Air, my favourite training climb, and from where over the last five years I've posed countless pics of an idiot, much like this one in fact:

- anyway, they're doing it - it's the first categorised climb of the day, even if they are doing it from the easy side, lightweights
the intermediate sprint of the day is right outside my favourite pizza restaurant and micro-brewery. I'll be having a word with them on Saturday to bag a place outside...
- the route then bends close to our house, passing 2 miles away at its closest point
- best of all though, because the riders have to do a big loop south we'll be able to both watch the intermediate sprint, then bike over to the hilltop finish at Mur-de-Bretagne.

As you might be able to tell, I'm quite pleased, and not a little excited.

Better go and do the last couple of days work to be able to afford the time off....

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